In the summer of 2018, Tapestries originated from the band around singer-songwriter Gildor.


“We felt the desire to rock out more with in-your-face songs, and shared a mutual love for West-African polyrythms and Tuareg sounds.”

By the end of that year the band released their first single ‘Fire’, and shortly after the second one saw the light. Following a great start with, among others a show in Patronaat opening up for Tamikrest, the band fell apart in the spring of 2019 after 2 members left.


For a while that seemed to be the end of the journey, but some auditions and half a year later, Tapestries restarted with drummer Anton Rijks and Nikos Tsop on guitar. Stronger than ever, the band is now preparing for world domination.

“Excellent, playing is really inspired. Certainly hear all that Farka Touré / Saharan desert, but it doesn’t overplay its hand at all.” -Paul Curreri

Dark and colourful, vast yet always in motion. Tapestries weave influences of Tuareg desertblues and psych-rock together into a wild dance.



Guitar / Vocal






Guitar / Vocal